Utah Muslim Civic League

Our Mission:


We provide a voice to undeserved communities.


Our Mission

Utah Muslim Civic League’s mission is to educate and empower citizens to be civically engaged in political and non political action.


Our Impact

With a constituency of 60,000 Muslims and an active voter base of over 15,000 registered Muslim voters, we demonstrated in the 2018 elections that the Muslim vote matters and counts. Many of our constituents are immigrants and refugees from 120 different nationalities. Given their experience with a corrupt system in their home country, the perceived notion was that their vote does not matter or count. We proved this notion false in key election that was decided by just over 600 votes.



Utah Muslims

We represent 60,000 Muslims, 120 different nationalities, in the State of Utah.



Registered muslim voters

Our active voter database consists of over 15,000 active voters.



new Voters registered in 2018

Worked with community leaders to register over 750 new first time voters.